Acceptance Auto Insurance Review

Acceptance auto insurance, also known as First Acceptance, is a reputable company established in 1969.

Nowadays, it has more than 400 retail locations, and it offers efficient coverage for high-risk and other drivers.

Check the reviews of other customers to find out more about its ins and outs.

acceptance auto insurance reviews

Review of Acceptance Insurance

Acceptance services and offers are based on non-standard insurance coverage for those drivers who have their high-risk profiles and ratings.

Besides, this insurer also covers those people who are denied in auto coverage by other companies, or their policies are cancelled by other insurance providers.

Get more info about available services, claims details and other facts.

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Drivers who are considered to be high-risk often have to pay higher auto insurance rates, so compare different options to choose the best one.


This company provides basic insurance to people shopping for auto coverage to comply with the necessary state laws and if they have poor records when it comes to their payment or driving history.

Its services are available to problematic customers who are denied by other insurers.

It offers an array of effective car insurance policies, such as:

  • Collision insurance;
  • Bodily injury liability;
  • Comprehensive auto insurance;
  • Property damage liability.

This insurance company is based in Nashville, but it has a number of retail locations in different states, so it’s easy to find its representative across the US.

Furthermore, Acceptance is licensed to insure all motorists in many states, so contact it directly if you have doubts about the coverage in your location.

Basic Facts about Acceptance Quotes

If you are a high-risk driver and have certain problems with getting the necessary car insurance from other providers, think about applying for Acceptance Car Insurance.

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There are many consumers who fall into this category, including:

  • People with 2 or more driving violations;
  • Single men who are 16-24 years old;
  • Drivers with a bad credit rating;
  • People charged with DWI and DUI crimes;
  • Drivers with their significant prior claims history;
  • Customers who had a lapse in insurance coverage in the past.

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If you fit any of the above-mentioned categories, visit the official website of this insurer to find out more.

Share your basic information there to get approximate auto insurance quotes online and speak with agents before getting this coverage.

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3 Reviews
  1. Ronald says

    Individualized approach to every customer, competitive rates, beneficial quotes, perfect coverages and constant discounts are the features I’ve managed to notice so far. It is my third year of using Acceptance car insurance, and it feels like no regrets. After a collision I had a year back, the representatives of insurer contacted me at once and helped me deal with all the issues. The insurance covered damage both to my car and the one that got hit.

  2. Modular says

    I must applaud this company for this feat, accepting high-risk clients? That’s a tough one. I guess they’re being true to their name, “Acceptance”…Accepting the rejected!

  3. James Cronin says

    My experience with Acceptance has been beyond horrible. They are the worst insurance company I have ever dealt with. Calling themselves an insurance company borders on fraud. My car was hit and damaged by their client over 2 months ago. I have called and emailed almost every day since and have gotten no where. This is the worst customer service I have ever experienced with any company. They are obviously just interested in collecting premiums and have no intention of fulfilling their responsibility regarding claims. There are numerous very negative reviews of them on line.

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