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If you are looking for quality and cheap protection for your car, you may consider Amco Auto Insurance.

In this review, you will find out lots of useful information to understand if it worth your efforts and money to sign an agreement with this company.

About the Amco Insurance Company

The company was founded in 1987 in Houston, Texas by Rehmat Peerbhai, and today, it has over 800 employees in more than 300 offices within the Houston area.

Amco Auto Insurance

Their website has a user-friendly design that allows their customer to find the needed information quickly.

Except for auto insurance, this company also has on offer a range of other kinds of insurance products, such as home, renters, etc.

Amco cooperates with different insurance companies, allowing their clients to find the most beneficial conditions, including the following:

  • Aggressive Insurance;
  • ACCC Insurance;
  • Empower Insurance;
  • IMGA Insurance;
  • Multistate Insurance;
  • Continental Insurance;
  • Venture Insurance;
  • Gainsco Auto Insurance;
  • Federated National Insurance;
  • Western General Insurance, and others.

What Do They Offer?

The company’s standard auto insurance coverages as follows:

  • Comprehensive Physical Damage;
  • Medical Payments;
  • Collision;
  • Uninsured Motorist;
  • Bodily Injury Liability;
  • Property Damage Liability.

Generally, their auto insurance provides liability, property, and medical coverage.

You can submit your inquiry to find out quotes right on their website.

You will be able to choose something out from conditions of different insurance companies.

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Also, it is possible to make a payment to the chosen business through the website of Amco.

They promise to provide additional benefits for referring your friend, though, they do not specify them on their site.

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How Can You Contact Them?

There are different contact methods that you can use to find some help, including a hotline and an online contact form.

Also, they publish the addresses of their offices, so you can choose the one located near your home.

They do not clearly explicit how you can send your claims, encouraging their customers to contact their agents to find out more detailed information.

Rating and Reviews

The BBB has given to the company has the highest rating of A+.

Neither customer complaints nor reviews are published on the website of this evaluating organization at the moment.

As for other sites, you will not find many reviews on this company, which may be a sign of a good reputation because people often decide to publish their comments to tell about problems.


This company has been in the business for over thirty years, and today, it has the highest rating from the BBB.

You will not find many or even no complaints about their services, so you may want to consider purchasing your auto insurance from them.

It is recommended to contact the agents of Amco Car Insurance to find out more details about their conditions.


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  1. Rebecca Sharks says

    As far as the insurance company is concerned, amco seems good by offering quality service at a cheap and affordable rate. I’m highly impressed with what they offer. I quickly looked at their website and they are indeed professionals.

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