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If you don’t have a car, that doesn’t mean you don’t need an insurance.

Any time you drive someone else’s car, you must remember that the insurance of its owner won’t protect you from unexpected expenses in case of an accident.

That is the reason why numerous insurance companies offer their clients a special kind of non-owner insurance.

It’s necessary to look into some details to be able to choose the best non-owner car insurance.

Non-Owner Car Insurance

There are several cases when this type of insurance is rather helpful, including the following:

  • Renting cars frequently. Car renting companies require you either to pay for their liability insurance or to have another kind of it. Purchasing a non-owner car insurance is usually cheaper than paying for supplemental liability coverage every time you rent an automobile.
  • Often driving a borrowed car. Of course, you are not obliged to have an insurance if you are not a car owner. But non-owner car insurance will provide you with a great benefit of feeling safe and financially protected, as well as save you much money in case of a car accident.
  • Using car-sharing services. Although such services usually provide you with a liability coverage, this type of insurance will guarantee you additional safety in case you are sued.
  • Getting or reinstating driving license being a high-risk driver. It’s impossible to get a driving license without such insurance in some states, especially after being labeled as a high-risk driver in result of some violation on the road.

Best Non-Owner Car Insurance

Cases It Covers

Insurance for non-owners is absolutely different from the ordinary one. It might not contain medical coverage, comprehensive and collision coverage, etc.

The necessary options for good non-owner insurance are:

  • Liability Coverage;
  • Loss Damage Waiver.

They will cover body injury liability, and you will have a possibility to pay for the damage made to other people’s property, including both a damaged vehicle and a person.

Also, the insurance guarantees compensation for a borrowed or rented car being stolen when under your responsibility.

Moreover, when you have non-owner insurance, you won’t be considered a high-risk driver as in case when you have a lapse in coverage. So usual car insurance will be provided on better terms.

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As a rule, such optional supplements as medical payments coverage may be offered together with non-owner car policy.

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How to Get It and How Much It Costs

It’s much easier to get non-owner quotes, as you will just have to answer some questions about your driving license, tickets and accidents, limits of liability, etc.

Quotes may vary depending on the company, but you can easily compare them and find the most beneficial non-owner car policy.

However, it’s also very important to check how reliable the company is, as low rates don’t guarantee good quality service and honest pay-outs.


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Quotes might be checked online. As a rule, the price is defined by a presumable amount of coverage, frequency of car usage and driving history.

Also, rates depend on the number of potential claims, and there are even special statistics to define appropriate claim frequency in each insurance company.

Best non-owner car insurance is insurance with low rates in a combination with excellent reputation of the company providing it.

It’s because you need not only to get the insurance itself, but also have your claim satisfied in case of an accident.

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  1. Jessica says

    I tend to rent cars from time to time to change the vehicle due to my liking, so non-owner car insurance is the thing I really need. It turned out to be way cheaper than paying for liability coverage every time I decide to go for another car.

  2. Billy says

    I’ve been searching for an insurance plan for non-car owners. I’m satisfied with what I’ve gained from this blog post. The company I work for rents car on weekly basis and it will be good to tell my boss about getting the insurance plan that applies since it is cheaper. Thanks for the post, it is very helpful

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