Cure Auto Insurance Reviews

Cure Auto Insurance may be considered if you want to purchase car insurance and if you live in certain locations of the USA where it is available.

Before signing an agreement with this company, it is important to make sure that all of the conditions are suitable for you and you can expect to enjoy friendly, prompts, and honest services.

About Cure

Cure Car Insurance is available to drivers living in New Jersey and Pennsylvania.

The head office of the company is based in Princeton, New Jersey.

The company was established during the 1980s, and it has been operating for many years.  

The website of the company is straightforward, allowing its customers to find the information regarding quotes, making payments, and other matters right away.

Unfortunately, there is no much information about the company, including its detailed history and the way of its development.

The company spends lots of attention to their advertising and marketing campaign.

You will easily find Cure Insurance commercials on the Internet.

Lots of people enjoy their funny approach, which also contributes to the company’s popularity.

Cure Auto Insurance Reviews

What Does the Company Offer?

There are two main policy types offered by the company, including basic and standard.

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In order to get a general quote from their website, you should provide the following information:

  • Full name;
  • Home address;
  • Phone number
  • Date of birth;
  • Marital statuses;
  • Driving histories within the past 36 months;
  • The years, models, and makes of all vehicles that you want to get insured;
  • Some other general information.

There are several payment methods available to their customers, including Visa, MasterCard, Discover, Debit, Savings, Checking, or Money Market Account, over the phone, and Western Union. Fees may occur up to 17.95, depending on the chosen payment solution.

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Ratings and Reviews

The BBB has given Cure the high rating of A.

All in all, there are 26 complaints, most of which are related to problems with product and service.

Also, on the BBB’s website, you will find 7 reviews, with only one of them to be positive.

Generally, there are plenty of reviews on this company that you can find on the Internet, with the majority of them to be negative.

We can recommend you check out each review to see what problems you may encounter if you start dealing with this company.

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The company does have high rating on the BBB’s website, but you should also take to attention many negative reviews.

The overall impression about it is more positive than negative.

This means that we can recommend you to check out their conditions and maybe purchase their products.

Also, we encourage you to check the quality of their customer support before you purchase Cure Auto Insurance.

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2 Reviews
  1. Roberts says

    Good to go with this company. There are several payment methods available to their customers. Good customer support and excellent services.When I signed up with this company, they provided the best quote and I am very happy with the insurance I had received.Thanks for the special offers that offer choices and features.

  2. Mitchelle says

    Lol. I’ve seen some of their commercials too. Quite funny and creative. Been using cure auto insurance for a while now and I must say that they are really amazing. They are always listening to customers feedback and looking for ways to improve their services. I’ll give them a 5star rating for excellent service delivery.

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