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GEICO vs. Progressive is a frequent question which bothers an overwhelming majority of drivers.

Striving to get beneficial car insurance, it is always important to take certain points into account, especially provided policies, costs, services, overall dependability, and others.

GEICO and Progressive are the two leading companies in the whole industry of car insurance.

The platforms are ranked as the second and fourth largest auto insurers, respectively, claiming to provide clients with low rates, solid customer service, and abundant discounts.

Once you are considering switching to one of the companies, you need to think through all the details and specifications of every platform.

General Information about GEICO

Originally, GEICO was founded as the government employee’s insurance company, but nowadays the platform serves the most different types of drivers and insures over 20 million vehicles.

The main priority of the insurance company is the low cost of its services.

This is the most attractive feature for the vast majority of drivers.

An average annual saving for a new customer can reach over $500 or sometimes even more.

At the same time, the company tries to provide quality services, free quotes, fast claim reaction and a full pack of coverages.

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In addition to the beneficial correlation of GEICO services and cost, the company provides a variety of discounts, including:

  • Anti-theft system;
  • Airbags;
  • Light running during daytime;
  • Multi-car discount;
  • Eagle discount;
  • Safe driver;
  • Military discount;
  • Seat belt usage and others.

Progressive vs Geico reviews

Details about Progressive Auto Insurance

Trying to compare GEICO vs. Progressive auto insurance, it is essential to pay due attention to the services of both platforms.

Progressive is also an experienced insurer, which was founded just a year after GEICO.

The company is characterized by low rates for low-risk drivers.

Additionally, it was the first insurer that has provided its clients with an opportunity to compare quotes right on the website.

Progressive features a range of innovative services and features, including customer-friendly website, competitive costs, reliable independent agents and others.

Similar to GEICO, Progressive customers can save more than $500 a year on car insurance.

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The most common discounts available include:

  • Good student discount;
  • Multiple car policy;
  • Automatic bill payment discount;
  • Multiple policies discount;
  • Snapshot safe driving discount and others.

Generally, comparing GEICO vs. Progressive, it is inevitable to mind individual specifications and preferences.

Both car insurers have a high rating and are appreciated as dependable platforms.

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However, the slight difference in cost, coverage, quotes, discounts and some other specific points can help you make the right choice.

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