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Car insurance sphere in USA is not strictly controlled by the government, so usually private companies deal with it.

Besides that, it is generally assumed in the US that this type of insurance covers the risks and losses associated not only driving, but also with owning a vehicle.

Detailed The General Insurance Review

The General is an expert company which provides qualitative insurance services.

As other companies, it has a standard pack of insurance services that includes bodily injury liability and, of course, property damage liability.

the general car insurance reviews

It also has medical payments as well as collision and comprehensive liabilities.

If you have a desire, you may also opt for rental reimbursement, road assistant or personal item coverage.

What Influences The General Car Insurance Price?

  • Sex and age of the vehicle owner;
  • Marital status;
  • Driving experience;
  • Where your vehicle stays at night;
  • Insurance limits;
  • It reduces the cost of insurance if you decide that in case of any emergency situation you will partially compensate the damage yourself. For example, if the amount of your deductible is $500, and the accident will cause damage that equals to $ 3,000, only $2,500 will be returned to you, but you must pay yourself the remaining sum of $500. And if you scratched the bumper and its repair will cost $300, you do not need to contact the insurance company. The deductible reduces the total cost of insurance, and the larger it is, the lower the cost of insurance is.

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If you have to make a claim, you have only 24 hours to do this. You should call the claim number which is available on their website, and afterwards your actions will depend on the type of your claim.


Of course, it is possible. A quote is able to save your money greatly, and it can also save you from the headaches while driving on the road.

If you have made up your mind get a quote from The General, you need to shop around, find out all the information about the discounts and be honest.

It is important to mention that it is always necessary to be honest with insurance firms providing them with correct and true information about your location, driving history and your car.

Overall, according to numerous reviews on the Internet, clients are satisfied with The General auto insurance, as it provides qualitative insurance, is not expensive and there are many services to choose from.

2 Reviews
  1. andrew says

    Sounds like your basic auto insurance. Curious to see how much money I will save with this insurance.

  2. Brianne says

    I have turned to General insurance around 3 months ago, after I have noticed the ad on the Internet. The company attracted me with a flexible condition system, competitive rates and related issues. I received great discounts due to great driving experience, which is mainly safe. Cannot but recommend the insurance for the coverages it offers and personalized approach to each client.

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