Plymouth Rock Auto Insurance Review

While the market is currently filled with diverse options, Plymouth Rock auto insurance proved to be one of the most dependable and beneficial.

Despite selecting a reliable car insurer is a complicated task, Plymouth Rock will simplify the choice.

With innovative offers and reliable services the company is widely appreciated as high-end and respectful.

Thus, Plymouth Rock Insurance is an ultimate option for clients who prefer reliability rather than moderate cost.

If you order this car insurance, you should be ready to pay for the convenience and premium services.

Plymouth Rock Car Insurance Review

Plymouth Rock is a part of a big corporation that features revolutionary offers and customer-oriented specifications.

Currently, insurance policies are available in Connecticut, Massachusetts, New Jersey and New Hampshire.

There are over 400 independent agents, who are ready to provide you with top-notch services.


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Striving to apply for insurance, you need to mention your zip code on the website and contact the affiliated agent in your area.

Consequently, a specialist will provide you with vital information and offer a premium quote to you.

Plymouth Rock

Advantages and Disadvantages of Plymouth Rock Car Insurance

As any other option, Plymouth Rock car insurance has its merits and flaws.

Thus, undoubted benefits of this insurance type include:

  • Top quality and highly convenient reward features, especially ‘Crashbusters’ or ‘Get Home Safe’;
  • Easily customized policies, features and insurance types.

Moreover, striving to please the customers and provide them with excellent features, the company offers a range of discounts available, especially:

  • Good student – up to 5%;
  • Drier training – up to 5%;
  • Anti-theft device – up to 36%;
  • Electronic documents – up to 5%;
  • Payment in full – up to 4%;
  • Safe driver – up to 25%.

The main drawback at the same time is restricted character of the insurance that can be accessed only within 4 main states.

Besides, Plymouth Rock Insurance is known as a bit expensive, though its services justify the cost.


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Coverage and Policies

While auto insurance presupposes standard functions, it also features extra specifications, such as exclusive set of additional peculiarities, flexible policies and other benefits.

Moreover, with Plymouth Rock auto insurance you may be sure to get full coverage of common expenses.

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3 Reviews
  1. Paul says

    When I started the search of a dependable insurance to switch from my current one, I came across Plymouth Rock car insurance, which seemed a total hit for me. The services met all my requirements. In addition, after the application process, I got a competitive quote with extra discounts and exceptional coverages. Now I do not have to worry about any issues or problems of the road and feel 100% safe with Plymouth Rock.

  2. Brad says

    I am a client of Plymouth Rock Insurance and have never been disappointed in it! All conditions are met, they clearly fulfill their obligations! Therefore, I recommend to everyone, and in the future I will only use Plymouth Rock Auto Insurance .Thank you very much for the wonderful service!

  3. thomson says

    Been with Plymouth Rock for almost 3 years, they have always seemed to be the cheapest. Thanks for your Special Offers that offer choices and features not typically found in standard policies. great company. Their customer service is amazing. Have received best service.

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