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Progressive auto insurance is one of the best options when looking for effective and affordable coverage.

Progressive is a well-established company known for its affordable car insurance, although it also offers excellent coverage options for anything having a motor.

Basic Progressive Review

Check this review to find out more about Progressive car insurance.

It’s the fourth biggest car insurance provider in the US, and it also provides consumers with life, home and other insurance types through reputable third parties.

Its financial strength is superior based on current ratings, and it’s important as this parameter indicates how well this insurer pays its claims.

progressive car insurance reviews

Progressive Offers

This company specializes in offering standard car insurance choices and many extra options.

Based on a particular state, consumers can choose from the following:

  • Gap insurance that requires Progressive to pay up to 25% above the car value when it’s totaled to the payment of a lease balance or a loan;
  • Roadside assistance that covers any help when drivers run out of gas or they face a breakdown, dead battery and other issues on the road;
  • Pet injury protection is included in Progressive collision coverage, and it covers different vet bills when pets get injured in car accidents;
  • Equipment and custom parts value pays to replace and fix different custom accessories added to customer cars.

Snapshot is a free program that gathers important information about personal driving habits, such as how much and when you drive.

Progressive requires these details to adjust your insurance quotes each time when you renew your coverage.

This information is collected from any device that you plug into your car.

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Ridesharing insurance is offered by this company for people who reside in Pennsylvania and Texas.

This typical insurance covers only a period between accepting rides and dropping off customers. This extra coverage is designed to expand personal car policies.

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Quotes and Claims

The official website offers sufficient information, including a special quote tool

Progressive Auto Insurance Quotes
Progressive Auto Insurance Quotes

It’s an online portal where consumers can pay their bills, sign in and see the statuses of their claims.

There are many other extra helpful features offered by Progressive Insurance, including the following:

  • Comparison function that provides you with competitor rates and Progressive quotes for the same car insurance policy;
  • Auto financing tools that help people get refinancing or auto loan quotes online;
  • Special tool that helps find the best policy that fits personal budget.

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2 Reviews
  1. Mark says

    The reason I selected Progressive auto loan is an opportunity to get standard insurance with a range of extra options and services. I have to pay quite a competitive cost for the insurance, which allows me to use all the modern conveniences of insurance. The program guarantees coverage of main cases, as well as roadside assistance, pet injury protection, GP insurance and many other options.

  2. Leslie says

    Beautiful program! I have been using it for 2 years already! A large selection of types of insurance, and its financial strength exceeds the current ratings, and this is important, because this insurer is well paid their claims. Your future depends on you. I advise you to think about your life and choose Progressive Auto Insurance.

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