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Safeway auto insurance is often chosen by consumers because of its excellent offers, ratings and quotes.

Safeway is a company that has started offering its exceptional car insurance policies in 1959. These days, it supports many branch offices, and it’s based near Chicago.

Safeway car insurance is provided by a large family-owned private insurer and its services cover many policyholders in the US.

Read this review to get more information about this coverage.

How to Get Safeway Auto Insurance Quotes

To get quotes from this well-established car insurance provider, enter your ZIP code on its official website.

This company is licensed to operate in 10 states, but it has strong plans to expand its business in other regions in the nearest future.

Actually, Safeway is a group of companies that operate in specific states.

Safeway Car Insurance Payment

Unfortunately, average consumers may not be able to purchase auto insurance for major companies for many reasons.

For example, some of them may have several driving violations, while others can’t afford the payment of this coverage or they consider many variables.

The good news is that Safeway specializes in offering a range of flexible and convenient car insurance products designed for average consumers.

This credible insurance agency offers both standard and no-fault policies, and this company is small enough to provide people with great flexibility under extenuating circumstances.

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It offers special non-standard policies to drivers who have blemished driving records.

Safeway reviews


Each state has its own minimum car insurance coverage requirements according to specific conditions of the location.

Safeway claims to provide all policyholders with minimum coverage fast if they require something on the spot. So, consumers aren’t forced to accept any extra or unnecessary coverage.

When establishing auto insurance over the phone, clients make their down payments and cover the premium of the first month, but they don’t really get a verification of policy terms.

The overview of their car insurance policies is a declaration page. The official website of Safeway insurance offers everything needed.


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For extra convenience, customers can make their payments online using their credit and bank cards.

They are also eligible to verify if their insurance payments are received by entering their last names, policy numbers and dates of birth online.

Safeway guarantees that any personal and financial information remains 100% secure. Its clients can also file and receive their claims online.

2 Reviews
  1. Tiffany says

    Being a fresh car owner and having no experience in insurance selection and related deals, I followed the recommendation of my family and applied for Safeway Auto Insurance. Upon learning the information about quotes, coverages, terms and conditions, I made sure it is a worthy choice. Finally, I received the quote suiting the requirements and needs I had. What I appreciate the most during the cooperation with the insurance company is an individual approach and understanding of my needs and desires.

  2. Rami says

    fantastic experience.
    Safeway insurance is absolutely amazing! My friends suggested me this company. They are popular for their excellent offers and rate. Safeway specializes in offering a range of flexible and convenient car insurance products . Really thankful for the great service and hope to be insured by you guys again.

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