USAA Auto Insurance Review

Having any roots grounded in military, you have an exceptional chance to take the advantage of USAA options.

Military workers and their families can easily obtain USAA Auto Insurance at competitive rates, with impressive discounts and top-notch conditions.

Detailed USAA Insurance Review

Since 1922, USAA has been providing its clients with complete assistance and guidance.

Exclusive claims, quotes and discounts are available for members, who have switched to USAA.

Learn detailed information and opt for the exact option suiting your requirements and desires.

Sign in and get a quote. Investigate on the advantages of the insurance and make sure it is the thing you have been looking for.

With USAA you will get the main and extra coverages at competitive rates.

Customers get an opportunity to save over $376 a year.

usaa car insurance reviews

Savings and Discounts Available with USAA

Along with unique claims, you will get an opportunity to save extra money through:

  • Family membership;
  • Bundled insurances;
  • Duration of the membership;
  • Military installation and others.

Besides, there are two extra types of price reductions offered by USAA.

They include:

  • Vehicle savings (discount for a new vehicle, vehicle storage discounts, annual mileage discounts, multi-vehicle discount and others);
  • Driver discounts (defensive driving, safe driver, good student, driver training, etc.).

Features and Benefits of USAA Car Insurance

Generally, the auto insurance by USAA guarantees reliable services and competitive rates for its members.

usaa insurance quote

However, it has a number of other peculiarities that make it stand out among other options, including:

  • Quality services include simple and fast process, dependable claims and high scores;
  • Roadside help provides the necessary assistance in gas delivery, towing, tire replacement, etc.;
  • Fast and easy access allows a client to receive profitable car insurance quotes, manage the policy and use other options from your phone or just online;
  • Flexible services provide guaranteed help nationwide, as well as in various international locations. You can benefit from free payment options that will suit your military pay schedule;
  • Guaranteed renewal. Keep using the insurance as long as you drive the car;
  • USAA Auto Circle helps you find, purchase and insure the next car you want. With the USAA membership, you have an ultimate opportunity to get competitive loans and beneficial car insurance quotes.

Opt for USAA Auto Insurance to receive a dependable option and enjoy a safe and economical drive with constant assistance.

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11 Reviews
  1. Bob says

    All I know is I left my insurer of 47 years to join USAA. My very first renewal is a few weeks away and informed me of a $120 increase. This is my very first renewal! I’ve only been with USAA for a little over 5 months. I feel betrayed. Actually I feel stupid. Stupid leaving an insurance company I’ve been with since 1969 and have had a great relationship! I saved less than $50! I just added my RV and about to add my home. Now I have only a few weeks to shop around to see if I’m getting taken advantage of. Ive texted all the people who convinced me to join USAA to see if they got this same notice/increase. I don’t feel I can trust USAA at this time. And…..USAA is a lot more difficult to contact than my previous insurer of 47 years! I don’t have that warm feeling right now. I feel betrayed and stupid! And…..I had my daughter change also. She’s real thrilled with me right now! At least she doesn’t feel stupid though! She trusted her dad! I’m the one who may be the dumbass!

    1. Hamilton says

      Thanks for honest review!

  2. TW says

    If they treat their customers as bad as the people their customers crash into, I’d run the other direction.

  3. Bud Morrison says

    January 22nd 2017, I was rear-ended by a gentleman that was insured by USAA. The guy was a man about everything and admitted fault , and it was noted on the accident report. But never in my wildest dreams or (nightmares) would I have imagined how inconsiderate this outfit is toward people . I was treated from the first phone call that everything was my fault, they were more worried about the $35.00 per day they were paying for a rental car. My car was worth 6500.00, I bought it new, they were willing to pay 3900.00, and acted as if I was lucky that they would agree to that. I was treated as if I was dealing with a communist dictator, and it took 48 days for me to get all of the amount that they did pay. If you have to deal with this company, you will be sorry that you ever heard their name.

    Bud Morrison
    Lexington, Ky

  4. Karan says

    You are the worst insurance company ever! You are not loyal, have no integrity and care nothing about your customers! Shame on you for not really and truly taking care of your customers!

  5. David says

    Wow, shocking to read to these reviews because I never had any issues with them. I guess everyone can’t have the same experience

  6. Shay says

    I recently bought a classic car which after 8 days of owning it, I was rear end by one of USAA policy holders. she was speeding & occupied by texting on her phone. She admitted to police it was her fault & that this insurance company will fix everything. That was a LIE! My classic mustang is now being totaled. After all the money invested into my car with after market part, ect… They are going by what they feel my car is worth. I also found a garage which will fix my car for 1/4 of what their garage wants, they told me no. Now I will be paid a fraction, & now will have a salvaged title, which is no good for me to sell to any car collector. So I have to come out of pocket again to fix my car as their policy holder enjoys her SUV. While I try to figure out what to do with my situation.

  7. Martha says

    Thanks for the information provided on this website! After reading a number of your posts and searching more profoundly, I found that USAA auto insurance quote was right for me. The experience was definitely beneficial.

  8. Joe Biunno says

    I was rear ended by someone with usaa insurance recently. He was cited and they came and did an estimate on my new car. Put my car in the shop yesterday. Now they are saying they won’t pay for my rear bumper because they aren’t sure it was his fault. This company is a disappointment. It’s shameful that they are missing any American values while preying on the average American. Change your name…….you do not represent anything America stands for.

  9. Robert Booth says

    My wife was in my truck last night 5 June 2017, at work had a flat tire call USAA .
    The roadside guy who showed up was in a car and could not assist her.
    my brother-in-law went down there in the rain and change the tire .
    this is the first time I’ve ever been let down by USAA ,maybe it’s just Louisiana ??

  10. mds says

    You should check more carefully. USAA used to be this way, but over the last few years it has changed significantly. Including dropping guaranteed renewal. Now it is basically like any other insurance company. In the past when I would get cold calls to try a new insurance company I could just say I had USAA and that would end the call. Not anymore. I been looking around and I will probably change carriers when my renewal comes up.

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